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RESPONSE L.S.K. OR STATIC L.S.K. (Braided Ropes)

REB Marketing Rope Supplier of Response L.S.K. Rope also known as Static L.S.K.
Braided Polyester cover over braided Nylon core

This Response L.S.K. rope, with minimal elasticity, is crafted for rope access and adheres to CE standards. It should always be utilized with appropriate safety gear.


Diameter (mm) Termination Break Load (kg) Break Force (kN)
10.5 Knotted 2100 20.59
10.5 Linear 2990 29.32
11.0 Knotted 2300 22.56
11.0 Linear 3250 31.87

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  • Minimal elongation
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Rope Category: Type A
  • 10.5 & 11.0 mm sizes are CE certified and meet EN 1891 standards



  • Stationary descent
  • Cave exploration
  • Safety tether
  • Rappelling
  • Emergency lifeline
  • Secure tether
  • Entry rope



  • Core Material: Nylon
  • Cover Material: HT Polyester
  • Construction: Double Braid



  • Diameters: 10.5, 11, 13, 16 mm
  • Reel Length: 200 m
  • Colour: Solid colours and white with colour markers


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