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SUPER 8 (Plated Ropes)

REB Marketing Rope Supplier of Super 8

Wire rope replacement
Winch lines

Extremely high strength-to-weight ratio
Safer than wire (low recoil)
Low creep
Easy to splice
Resistance to kinking
Very high resistivity to UV and most chemicals
Coating reduces likelihood of snagging

20mm – 64mm
Custom lengths on request
Available in white with polyurethane coating

Material: Heat-set UHMwPE with polyurethane coating
Construction: 8 strand single braid

Contact REB Marketing Rope Suppliers for your Super 8 order. 
REB Marketing Rope supplier Gauteng 011 452 9131
REB Marketing Rope supplier KwaZulu-Natal 031 208 8238

For non stock items that must be manufactured. Minimum manufacturers might apply. Enquire

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